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Welcome to St Helens State School

St Helens State School is an Independent Public School with a history of high academic achievement. St Helens’ key values of Respect, Integrity and Commitment are explicitly taught to students and underpin a culture of focused engagement in learning. The school aims to ‘develop the whole child’, with a range of innovative programs catering for academic, sporting and artistic pursuits in an inclusive and supportive setting.

Dedicated teaching staff provide students with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities including Chess Club, Drama Group, Cubing, Robotics, Instrumental Strings and Band Programs. Students have opportunities to participate in the Choral Eisteddfod, Reading, Mathematics and Technology Challenges. In addition, there is a range of sporting opportunities, including athletics, swimming, soccer, netball, cricket, softball, hockey, basketball and volleyball.

The development and delivery of a quality curriculum is a fundamental driving force at St Helens State School, this is achieved through a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills. Staff create a strong, student focussed curriculum that endeavours to develop essential knowledge in the lower grades which is then built upon as the students progress through their schooling years.

St Helens State School recognises the importance of integrating information technology into our student’s daily curriculum. Students are provided access to the world beyond the classroom through the internet, email and various educational computer programs. Students have the opportunity to utilise school technology in their classrooms through the use of i-Pads and computers. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards which are used by teachers and students each day. In addition, students receive weekly STEM lessons, allowing them to engage with coding and robotics. 

We work closely with our feeder pre-schools to ensure a smooth transition for students as they start school. Flexible learning spaces in our Prep and Year 1 rooms along with great learning resources are designed to maximise student engagement in learning. Our Prep cooking and gardening programs are just some examples of the authentic learning activities happening at St Helens State School.

A strong community feel is an important element of St Helens State School. The school P&C and School Council play an important role in shaping school policies and supporting student learning. The school P&C provide valuable support to the school with fundraising directed at ensuring our classrooms are well resourced and air conditioned, and students have opportunities to participate in a range of excursions and camps. Parents and family members are welcomed into the school for classroom visits, as volunteers, for weekly celebration parades and for a wide range community events held throughout the year. 

The school motto of ‘Learning with Friends’ sets the tone for the way students relate with each other on a daily basis. We encourage students to work and play collaboratively, supporting and including their peers. Working in unison with our community, we aim to ensure that students are provided with outstanding educational opportunities and ‘Shape our Future with Integrity, Respect and Commitment.’

Kim Burns-Atkinson


Last reviewed 03 March 2020
Last updated 03 March 2020